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We utilize our trained eye for color, composition, and scale to create a home that you love. Ahrens Designs uses personalized images and research to help us discover our client’s style preferences at the start of a project, saving time and ensuring a successful outcome. The design scheme addresses the following: fabrics, furniture, window treatments, paint, rugs, lighting and accessories




Style your home to meet your needs. Our resources will transform your new, or existing home into one that reflects your style, plus our Signature touch.

           WEDDINGS & EVENTS


Featured in ruffled blog, our wedding coordination services go all the way to perfection. From the engagement to the moment they say I do, Ahrens Designs can make your every dream come true. Our special list of venders and connections guarantee a wedding without incident. We offer various wedding planning and coordination packages that will suit your needs.


                              Why Stop at Weddings?


We would love to coordinate your event. Anything from special dinners to corporate luncheons we can help.



Want to start from scratch? We can help. From selecting tiles in your bathroom to choosing the perfect flooring in your kitchen, save time and money by doing it right the first time. Our professional, hands-on experience combined with the right contractors will allow you to sleep at night.



Having trouble finding the perfect sofa, or want something no one else has? Custom upholstery provides endless options that can be made locally, right here in Louisiana. We can provide some of the finest materials out there, at your selection.



Here at Ahrens Designs, We offer a vast selection of custom fabric Choices that you can get nowhere else. Whether you want a custom pillow, bed linens, drapes or upholstery, we have selections that are one of a kind. Together with our trusted seamstress and upholsterer, the options are endless 

                               YOUR HOME

                                                                 Television Segment 


Your Home with Debbie Ahrens is a television segment dedicated to serve viewers’ increasing interest in “do-it-yourself” home decor and crafts.


Create your own colorful home decor projects with interior design expert Debbie Ahrens. Learn to make your house, Your Home with this collection of do-it-yourself craft segments that offer creative and whimsical ideas that inspire. Watch Debbie, and a roster of expert guests as they explore new techniques, tips and ideas, perfect for “do-it-yourselfers” of all levels. 


Airs every other Wednedsay on KALB Jambalya in the morning and Live at 5 in the evening.


To Watch More Youir Home segments check out our YouTube Channel Here:

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