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For the Love of Detail

Everyone has to start somewhere right?

We have just begun our journey into discovering what the vast world of networking has to offer, more importantly, what we can offer it.

Nestled right in the heart of Louisiana, Ahrens Designs has mainly been known as an Interior Design firm, inspiration has allowed us to become so much more than that. In likeness, it is that inspiration that has compelled us to share what we love, and that we love what we do.

We DO love to design, in the words of owner and designer Debbie Ahrens “We make pretty things, that is what we do”, as simple as her statement may be, it does cover it all. Everything from home staging, color design, custom building of houses, furniture, and accessories, we want to create a personal experience for our clients, customers and followers.

Were excited to begin this amazing adventure, and aspire to share all the things we love in great detail.

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