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Behind Every Fairytale Wedding is a Fairy God-Coordinator

Why Hiring a Wedding Coordinator is a Must

Every woman dreams of their perfect fairytale wedding down to the very last detail. They imagine the day going so smoothly, with every aspect attuned to fit their style, from the dress, to the flowers, down to the perfect ceremony. Never once in those dreams does the reality of what could go wrong arise. There are so many ways a dream wedding can turn into a disastrous nightmare, the best way to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of a fairytale is to hire a wedding coordinator.

Many brides do not realize that planning their dream wedding is such a huge endeavor. Hiring a seasoned wedding coordinator is the best decision any bride could make. From the moment after becoming engaged, to the moment they say ‘I Do’, a coordinator will ensure every moment will be as perfect as the last.

In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is that it perfectly meshes the personalities of the soon to be newlyweds. As wedding coordinators we usually begin by getting to know the bride and groom. By assessing their individual style we are able to formulate a wedding plan that meets the needs and wants of each party. In respect to each individual’s likes and dislikes, we can also help to diffuse any disagreements among the bride and the groom and often their families.

The early stages of the planning process can often become chaotic. With so many decisions to be made, vendors to be booked, and deadlines to meet, stress and anxiety are sure to follow. Being stressed about booking vendors, keeping up with plans and deadlines is something no bride needs. We believe planning a wedding should be a fun and memorable experience for every couple as well as their families. As coordinators this is where we thrive, once a plan has been developed, we hope to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety by simplifying the planning process.

With so many options out there, we have discovered that brides often have trouble making selections and decisions that meet the central theme of their wedding. As wedding coordinators we hope to make the decision making easier by offering our guidance and experience in the process. From the theme, to the perfect venue, down to the smallest detail, we rely on our experience and insight to reduce these options down, offering specific selections to choose from that meet both the ideals of the couple and the criteria of their wedding plan.

As a result of being in this business, we have built connections and working relationships with the best and most reliable vendors in Central Louisiana and the surrounding areas. These connections can make a huge difference in many aspects of a wedding plan, saving time, money, and more importantly making sure the big day runs smoothly. Through our experiences with various vendors, we have learned which vendors work well together, where to cut corners without sacrificing quality, and come up with alternatives that can suit both the plan and the budget.

After all the decisions are made, vendors are booked, and the vows are written, the whole process comes down to one thing, the big day. For many people, their wedding day can be one of bliss, or a day of sheer chaos, having a wedding coordinator can make the difference between the two. In our experience, many people often describe their wedding day as a blur, as if the time just flew by, leaving them with little time to actually enjoy it. One major mistake that many couples make on their big day is time management. We have discovered that being organized, staying on task, and preparing a detailed itinerary are of utmost importance.

Making sure every vendor is in place, every tie is straightened, and every photograph is taken, is our mission as wedding coordinators. It is important for every couple to enjoy each moment of their wedding, likewise, we believe it is just as important that their parents get to enjoy watching their children get married. In every aspect of the wedding planning process, we hope to remove stress and worry, by offering our guidance, expertise, as well as handling a lot of the time consuming aspects of planning and executing a wedding, thus allowing the family to enjoy themselves and make memories they will cherish.

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