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5 Must Haves for your Living Area

Here at Ahrens Designs we believe your home should be classic and comfortable. From an upscale loft to a chic garden cottage there are things that a living area in every home should have.

Do you ever get that feeling that something isn't quite right about a room? More often than not your room might be missing a little something in the green department. We recommend a great indoor house plant!

Our favorite?

#1. The ZZ plant

botanically named: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ makes a great room accent and practically thrives on neglect. This easy-going house plant is forgiving if you forget to water, tolerates low light, and rarely needs fertilized, and it also seems to shrug off pests quite well. We have one in our office that has thrived on almost nothing. You can purchase this great houseplant at most local home and garden stores.

Next on the list is a touch of color, we like to do this with art! Handmade artwork is a great way to add color to a room as well as personality.

#2. Art with Personality

Art can be anything from a family heirloom painting to your kids’ first grade art, framed the right way, anything can become a masterpiece.

Meet the five senses, the first thing that greets guests when they enter your home is scent.

#3. Candles or Potpourri

Nice scents can often make a room feel more comforting, Placing your favorite candle or bowl of potpourri near a sitting area is a great way to give a cozy vibe to your room.

Speaking of cozy, temperatures can change through the day especially as night falls.

#4 Blankets to Cozy to Resist

Having a basket of blankets placed strategically in your living area makes them easier to get too on those family movie knights, as well as giving your gusts the opportunity to cover up if they get a chill.

Lastly, and probably our favorite must have is lighting.

#5. Lamps

Lighting is important in a room, probably the most important aspect in any room, we need it to see after all! Lamps can be used in various ways, from creating a warm glow in the evening, to lighting up a room that wasn’t well lit to begin with. Lamps can also prove to be a great accent piece for your side and occasional tables.

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