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Amazing and Multifunctional Design Finds

Happy Monday Everyone!

We were thinking about some of our favorite items that are not only beautiful but they are functional.

A while back we purchased a small table similar to this, the height was adjustable by turning the table top, and the usefulness of this piece is endless. It’s perfect to set beside that low accent chair, but as we know not all chairs are the same, the ability to adjust the height lets you achieve a height that is comfortable and complements the space.

A Unique twist on the traditional flowerbed barrier, these stones hold a paraffin wax torch cartridge that allows them to burn for long periods of time. We love that these decorative boulders can be placed anywhere, they will give off an excellent glow for an evening dinner party outdoors.

One of our favorite décor tricks adds height to your favorite accent piece while giving an extra pop of color to your space. Using colorful leather bound books as pedestals is a great way to give a flat surface such as a shelf or accent table a little height variation. Using different colors can really add to the area without taking up a lot of space.

Ottomans are a standard in most homes, we like to add a nice decorative tray to hold accents, as well as serving as a coffee table for a place to put drinks.

Last but certainly not least, the urn planter, urns have to be one of the most multifunctional pieces we know of. We have used these for many different things ranging from a fruit bowl, to a program holder at a wedding, we have even used one as a table by placing glass on the top. The uses are truly endless, not to mention the various styles and patinas they can come in.

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