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Simple Ways to Make Your Home Fall Fabulous

Just a few changes can make your home fabulous for the fall season. From blankets to bedding, we’ve come up with the simplest ways to add warmth to your home this fall!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year for home decorating. The season itself emphasizes warmth and comfort, and brings us closer to simpler things, and shouldn’t that be what our homes are all about? Speaking of simple, we have come up with easy ways to make your home cozy and ready for fall!

Fragrances can have a huge impact on the feeling in your home, warm inviting scents such as: pumpkin of course, cinnamon, and vanilla. However, companies are now coming up with more interesting scents that smell great! here are some great examples, Sandalwood by Izola, Firewood by C.O. Bigelow, but some of the easiest candles we know to get have to be from Bath and Body Works. They have launched a whole pumpkin candle line

Leave yourself and your guests ready to cozy up next to the fire in a chunky fall blanket, which by the way is our next pick !

These plaid throw blankets are great! A red one could definitely be used for Christmas as well. Simular throws can be found at

The next thing on our list will go great with your fall throws. Changing up your pillows for the fall season is a great and super easy way to add a pop of color to any room! Any fall colors will do but we do love a good pumpkin or two!

(1.) tangerine-hued pillows, one in a lattice pattern, one leather and one in hounds-tooth ( 2. Copper Pillow Orange Pillow Burnt Orange Pillow (september HOME). 3. Thomas Paul Pumpkin Pillow ( 4. Fall Tree Pillow (

Next on the list, fall is the perfect time to change over the bedding in your house. Putting away your thin summer quilt for a thick and snugly duvet that you'll never want to leave! A big trend this fall are these chunky cable knit throws ,and we love them!

You can purchase chunky cableknit throw blankets and pillows just like theses from KingLinens.

Believe it or not, having snacks set out during the fall season can really make a house a home. Our fall favorite? A bowl of mixed nuts, this is often a family tradition for the holidays, why not make it yours too!

Nothing says Autumn like the fireplace, having ricks of wood stacked neatly on the hearth gives that woodsy feel associated with the fall, of course a nicely decorated fall mantel wouldn't hurt. We love the simple pastel pumpkins and gourds on this mantel. The types of pumpkins featured here are cinderella pumpkin, white pumpkin, cheese pumpkin, and blue hokkaido pumpkins, the pinecones add a nice breakup in texture here as well.

Lest we forget the outdoor decor, we like to keep it simple, changing your door decor is the easiest way to update your porch to make it more festive. Adding a fall wreath and a few pumpkins can go a long way. We love the idea of putting mums in just about anything, this urn makes a perfect statement.

So get on your cable knit socks and get ready for pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and cozy nights at home!

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