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Black and White Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, you may be asking how to get your house ready for the festivities. There are so many themes to choose from when decorating your home – Haunted House, Glitter and Glam, Funny over Frightening, the possibilities are truly endless! How does one choose? Well, we’re here to help, by giving you one of our personal favorites that can be easily personalized.

A monochromatic color scheme is very popular in any home décor, but pulling it off for Halloween can make shopping for decorations much simpler. We’re in love with black and white! If you want your place to look bone-chillingly creepy, add more black.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated atmosphere, emphasize the white.

If you want to incorporate pumpkins, there are so many options, but be sure to prep any pumpkins you wish to use in your home first, as a typical pumpkin will only last indoors for about two to three weeks. Dunk the pumpkin in a mixture of one gallon of water, two tablespoons of bleach, and a squirt of dish soap. Then rinse and dry thoroughly. When choosing your pumpkins, you have the naturally white variety,

which can be painted with any design to suit your décor style – we love the idea of hand-writing the lines to a thematic song or story, like Edgar Allan Poe;

you can paint the traditional heirloom pumpkin black or white (this one is gorgeous in a matte black but DO NOT spray paint real pumpkins as the gasses could cause the pumpkin to expand and eventually explode in your home);

and you can even paint other gourds to add a variety of shapes to your tablescapes or even your front door.

If painting and carving sound too messy, we love the look of this lace-wrapped pumpkin.


Don’t forget about the front door! Our favorite front door décor begins and ends with spray-painted wreaths or branches.

Whether you’re looking to scare the neighborhood kids, or throw a swanky cocktail party, our team loves the option to personalize this theme for each home. Put your own spin on it this Halloween, and let us know if it puts a smile (or a scare) on your face!​

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