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Mix & Match: When is it Acceptable?

Quick answer: Always – if it’s done right.

Mixing finishes, wall colors, knobs, design styles, etc. has always been acceptable in design. There’s even an entire design style dedicated to mixing other styles: Eclectic.

While this style isn’t for everyone, it is perfectly suited for people who have accumulated sentimental items from many different places. And if incorporating the eclectic style into your entire home sounds daunting, don’t worry. The bookshelf or mantel is the perfect place to play around with this motif.

(For a truly unique look, paint the inside of the bookshelf a different color than the wall and the shelf. It will help the shelves truly pop.)

Mismatching isn’t exclusive to the entire household style. If you simply want to dip your toe in the water, consider adding an accent wall to your home. You can choose to simply paint one wall a different color (we even love experimenting with texture, like the image of the venetian plaster wall),

add a wood-slatted wall,

or even a stenciled or wallpapered wall.

If these sound too bold, mixing finishes in the bathroom or kitchen is a popular trend as well. We all know that stainless steel is a popular appliance finish, but what if you’re more inclined to the rustic appeal of oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware? No worries! You can mix both and your kitchen will still look seamless.

Bonus points if you can incorporate another finish in your lighting and plumbing fixtures!

For an even bolder look, consider using mixed-style knobs and pulls. We love the idea of using geode-inspired cabinet pulls! Each one will be slightly different anyway, so why not embrace the differences? As long as they’re thematically the same, you can pull off this style!

If you want to play around with mixing patterns, you’re not only bold but trendy! Incorporating a multitude of patterns in your home gives off a stylish, sophisticated vibe that says, “I make my own rules.” To keep the style looking cohesive, stick to a similar color scheme, like these black and white throw pillows. Or, if you really want to run wild, pick a single color and make sure each accent has at least a little of that color in it, like the pillows, rug, and flowers on this leopard print sofa. None of them match exactly, but the consistency of that pink really makes what could have been a real mess, look unified.

No matter how you choose to incorporate many styles in your home, remember one thing: find common elements. Make sure that the styles complement each other before adding new pieces to your home, or it will look haphazard. We’d love to see pictures of how you’ve mixed and matched different pieces in your own homes! Comment or e-mail us!

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