Ten Subscription Boxes You Need in Your Life

December 28, 2015

Subscription boxes are a big hit right now. Everyone knows about Birchbox subscriptions for makeup and Barkbox for your fur-babies. Well, there are more options than just those. The folks over at Cratejoy and Quarterly.co are bringing you more options than you could ever imagine!


1. For the fashionista: StitchFix

Ok so Debbie LOVES this one. The way it works is you pay a flat $20 fee each month for the shipment. After signing up, you take a detailed style quiz where they determine your personal style and ask for ALL of your measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Then, once you've received the five specially selected items, you just select the ones you want to keep and ship back the rest. The billing process is a little tricky. If you choose to keep all five items, you'll receive a discount on your purchase. However, if you only choose to keep a few, you return the ones you don't want (at no charge), and the pieces you do keep, you'll be charged for, minus the $20 you've already paid. Plus, each selection (and return) updates your style profile on their site, so next month's shipment is more tailored to your style.


2. For the chef: Blue Apron

This is such a fun idea for both the burgeoning culinary genuis and the complete amateur. There are two options to choose from: either the 2-Person Plan, with three recipes per week (each meal serves two) for $59.94 a week, or the Family Plan, with either two or four recipes per week (each meal serves four) for $69.92 a week. Each box contains fresh ingredients and a recipe. Since dietary restrictions are so common, Blue Apron asks a few profile questions before payment including what types of meat you will eat and whether or not you are a vegan. Bonus: this is the only subscription box featured that allows you to select your delivery date. Because some days of the week are just better for cooking than others. When you make your purchase, you are assigned three meals, but it is easy to swap recipes if some don't suit your palate.


3. For the bookworm: Book Riot

BookRiot is a quarterly subscription, which means you only receive it once every three months. For $50, you will receive a themed box of book-themed goodies including 2-3 books and a handful of literary loot. Previous boxes have had thematic jewelry, mugs, cups, posters, bookmarks, calendars, and even sometimes notes from the authors whose books you're receiving. Book Riot also comes in a young adult version, if that's your personal preference!


4. For the snacker with a heart of gold: Love With Food


This amazing company offers so many options that we can't choose. Their Snack Box is $7.99 a month and you'll receive eight to ten different all-natural organic snacks, a meal donated to a hungry child in America (they've donated over 400,000 meals so far), and ten points (I'll tell you about those in a minute). The Deluxe Box is $16.50 a month with 16-20 snacks, two meals donated, and twenty points. The Gluten Free Box is $19.99 a month and includes 15-20 snacks, two donated meals, and twenty points again. Now, the points can be redeemed to purchase any of the snacks you liked on their online store.


5. For the wine-lover: Glassful