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Color Inspiration: Frost

News Flash: It's winter. The weather might not be cooperating, but it is winter, I swear. So, in the spirit of the season, let's celebrate a winter motif I haven't seen in nature yet this year: frost!

White is just so versatile. You can use it in literally any room in your home and it looks sleek, stylish, and simple. While a white couch might feel impossible to keep clean (especially with small children or pets), a simple white throw, pillows, or candles can bring a frosted look to your living room.

This monochromatic white room is anything but boring. The mixture of textures adds visual interest and warmth to an otherwise cold color palette.

Speaking of cold, if a white living room feels too frigid, warm things up with fresh flowers and lit candles. The flame will make you feel warm just looking at it, and the greenery will bring to mind springtime. Just imagining this room without the flowers and candles, my teeth start chattering.

Lots of natural light is also a fantastic way to bring warmth into a white room. Does the above image look cold to you? I didn't think so.

Also, the shade of white you choose can make a dramatic difference (these are the ones from Benjamin Moore's website). You can easily find a white with a tint of yellow or pink to create a warm feel (or go with a darker floor). Conversely, a cooler white in gray or blue tints are just as stunning if you're not concerned about a room feeling cold.

Add lamps. We have at least half a dozen lamps just around the office here, and yes, we use them every day. They add a warm light to any room.

White is not the only color that comes to mind when you think of frost. When I think of frost, my mind pulls up a picture of an ice blue frozen lake (not that I've ever seen a frozen lake, living her in Louisiana, but hey, a girl has the right to an imagination). This image of a blue apothecary/coffee table gives a beautiful winter vibe, without making us reach for the down jackets.

White is hands-down the most popular color for the bathroom. The pure clean white makes me smile. Nothing is worse than a messy bathroom.

Oh, we just want to curl up in this nice warm bed. White sheets are wonderful for many reasons. First, they're easy to clean, as bleach is never a problem. Second, you get that hotel feeling on crisp clean white sheets. The cream blankets and pillows really warm up this bed (I'm a sucker for cable-knit) while keeping it monochromatic.

Don't forget your curtains! Nothing is more frost-like than sheer or gauzy curtains. After all, when your windows freeze over, you can still get light in. These curtains play on that principle and are one of my favorite aspects of a room design.

So what do you think? Frost, yay or nay? Is there another color or theme you'd like to see us feature here in In Great Detail?

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