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How to Create Traditional Style in Your Home

When designing your home, it can be easy to get caught up in deciding what type of decor you want to incorporate in your home. We'd like to help you decide by giving you a guide to different design styles. First up is the Traditional style, simply because it is the most common.

Traditional design is characterized by rich fabrics, ornate accessories, and all-around high style. It calls to mind class, sophistication, and elegance. Most of the colors are neutral or muted tones, and one almost wants to whisper to avoid disturbing the quiet decor. Traditional decor is often characterized also by a mix of different cultures, as it stems from a time of exploration and cultivating art collections.

Muted colors don't have to be boring, however. Mixing in rich woods and oriental blue-and-white porcelain containers with live houseplants makes this dining room feel warm and inviting.

Again, soft tones and rich fabrics make this lovely bedroom perfectly Traditional. The beautiful chandelier brings a delicate French feel to the room, while the large mirrors flanking the bed bring even more light into this bright and airy space.

Speaking of light and airy, the tall ceilings and windows in this dining room are just to die for. And notice the ornate chandelier centered above the pure white orchids. This style is all about balance and refinement.

You'll notice the large gilded mirror above the opulent fireplace. Paired with the plush velvet upholstery and the clean white paneling, you'd think that the designer was mixing styles, but that's not the case. It's perfectly balanced and if it weren't for the modern books on the ottoman, I'd think that this was a retouched photo from the early 1900s.

You can't talk about Traditional Style without mentioning crown molding. This beautiful and warm room is trimmed in grey, which is a modern take on the classic Traditional style. If you use your imagination to change them to white, the room takes on a much more Old-World look.

So if you're wanting to take your Traditional style into the 21st century, consider small upgrades, like painting the trim or adding a modern pattern to the room. Start small, if you're hesitant. Whatever you do, make it your own. And if you need help, call us of course!

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