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Color Inspiration: Fresh Squeezed

Spring has sprung! And one thing we hope to see more of in homes this season is a citrus color palette. These bright pops of color can either envelop or accentuate your home. Here's a few of our favorite ways to incorporate it into any space!

Curb Appeal

The street view of your home says a lot about you. Do you want it to say, "Hey, we're young, fun, and unafraid to try a big pop of color"? Or maybe you'd rather it say, "Here's a taste of all the color you'll get inside!" Either way, using citrus tones outside your home can really make a house stand out.

Take a Bite

The kitchen is such a popular place for bright colors. Psychologically, colors associated with foods (like citrus colors) have been known to stoke our appetites. The kitchen offers so many places in which to experiment with color! Cabinetry, dishware, seating, and even appliances these days are experiencing a breakthrough in style.

In the Loo

No more are the plain Jane white bathrooms. More and more people are using their bathrooms to express their love for color. After all, what's more likely to get you invigorated for the day: simple white or bright citrus? We thought so. And it doesn't have to be a huge deal. Painting the floors, the walls, even doing wallpaper can really brighten up any bathroom, big or small.

Live it up

The living room is usually a more subdued place in the home. It's your space for rest, relaxation, and even recreation. Whether you're unwinding watching your favorite TV show (Downton Abbey anyone?) or having a spirited family game night, the living room is definitely the central hub of the home. Adding pops of color can certainly brighten your day, but more than that, it can make the room feel even more inviting. Whether you use these citrus colors on the walls, furniture, drapery, or even just pillows, they will absolutely liven up your living space.

Orchard Dreams

Bedrooms are not exempt from a fabulous and colorful upgrade! Whether it's painting a wall, adding a colorful bedspread or lamp, or even installing an art piece, citrus hues can wake you up in the mornings without being so bright that they keep you up at night.

Need More?

If you're looking to add more than just citrus colors in your home and have a green thumb, here's a fantastic article on how to grow citrus plants indoors!

Whatever room you're using to incorporate this fabulous citrus theme, we hope that this post has helped you with some design inspiration. Show us how you've incorporated citrus into your home on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram!

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