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8 Unique Ways to Embrace the Chalkboard Trend

Its seems like everyone is incorporating chalkboard in their homes, from mason jars to menu boards. But if you're looking for a new way to use this fabulous trend in your home, we've got you covered.

Chalkboard Mason Jars

I know, we've all seen the labeled jars for drinks, dry food storage, and just about everything else. But hear me out. Do you remember those all-in-one-jar recipes? Around the holidays, people give each other jars full of ingredients for cookies, soups, or even homemade hot cocoa. Well, we'd like to see people using chalkboard paint to have a label on top with instructions! What a homey touch to a sweet (or savory) holiday gift!

Painting Your Crockpot

Do you have an old crockpot that still works great but it's kind of an eyesore? We saw this amazing post about how to update your crockpot while making it more practical for potlucks. Imagine not having to explain to everyone at the office or church what's in your dish because it's all written on the pot! Beautiful.

Table Numbers

As I'm sure you all know, Ahrens Designs does both interior design and even planning. And we couldn't possibly forget to include a gorgeous set of chalkboard table numbers! From making your own from wooden hearts to fitting them in different shaped and sized frames, chalkboard can truly complete the design of any wedding. If you want to make the different frames look cohesive, simply paint them all the same color.

Command Center

Debbie herself uses a huge blackboard as a command center for her home. On her Your Home segment a few weeks back, she showed us how she incorporates calendars, her kids' school work, and even a few inspirational sayings to brighten her family's days. In mounting things on old school blackboards, they're usually magnetic, so sticking small magnets to the back can mount just about anything to it without having to drill a hole in your beautiful board.

Inside The Cabinets

In an earlier blog post, we talked about painting the inside of your cabinet doors for a pop of color. How about going the extra mile by painting the inside of the cabinet with chalkboard paint? Use the space for writing a conversion chart (who can remember how many teaspoons makes an ounce?) or even writing notes to your family. We love how versatile this application is!

Chalkboard Wreath

Some of us (myself most definitely included) are too lazy to go out and buy a new wreath for every season, which is why this DIY chalkboard wreath is both a fun and functional idea. The design possibilities are endless, and the project itself is fairly simple.

Table Runner

Alright, this one isn't actually chalkboard, nor do we use chalkboard paint. But any black strip of craft paper makes an amazing table runner. You can label the foods on the table, use it in place of placecards, or even leave out chalk so that the kids can get in on the fun by drawing on the table with minimal mess.

Chalkboard cookies

Speaking of getting the kids involved, oh my goodness! How cute are these? Blogger Ashlee Marie made chalk board cookies with edible chalk! Really, the chalk is just white chocolate, but it works amazingly well and just completes the look. Your kids will LOVE these, guaranteed. Recipe here.

We know the chalkboard trend might last as long as a snow cone on a Louisiana summer day, but who knows? It could be that years from now, your grandchildren will look at your old photos of your home and ask where you got some of your amazing blackboard things. Trends go in and out of style and while they're here, we'll jump on that roller coaster and enjoy the ride.

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