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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Guest Friendly

Summer is a perfect time for out-of-town guests to stay and enjoy (or try to bear) the Louisiana heat. Kids are out of school, so they'll want to spend a few weekends with their favorite relative (that's you, obviously). So make sure that everyone is comfortable in your home with a few of these easy tips.

1. Buy Nice Bedding

I know, nice sheets are expensive, especially for a guest room, which might not get used very often. But it's a solid investment and your guests will appreciate it. You can find designer bedding at Marshall's, Tuesday Morning, Homegoods, and lots of other stores. It doesn't have to be a $300 sheet set, but it should say, "We're so glad to have you." Also, make sure that you put fresh sheets on whenever you have guests. Not only is it hygienic, but it's also such a luxury to slip into nice, cool, fresh sheets at the end of a day of travel. A good tip is to use white. It makes the bedroom look like a fancy hotel room, and it's so easy to clean with bleach. Plus, it allows you to style it up with colorful blankets and pillows. Another important tip: use lots of thin layers on the bed; sheets, coverlet, then light comforter. And this will make it easier for your guests to select how warm or cool they want to be.

2. Dress Up Your Front Door

Flanking your front door with a pair of beautiful plants is always a simple way to pump up the look of your door. A nice sign or decal is always a welcoming addition. This is going to sound insane, but hear me out. In colonial times, people would paint their doors red to signify to travelers that they were welcome to stop there and spend a night along their way. So if you want to subtly welcome people into your home, a red door could be the way to go.

3. Set Up A Coffee Station

Maybe it's my social anxiety, but when I'm staying at someone's house, I don't like getting up and moving around until I can hear them in the kitchen making coffee. If you want your guests to be able to get up without you, set up a coffee station in their rooms. All it takes is a little table, a single-serve coffee maker (they're surprisingly affordable these days) or french press, and your coffee fixings.

4. Keep Your WiFi Password Visible

Having a WiFi password can be a pain for your guests, but let's face it: it's necessary to keep out hackers. There are so many cute ways to display your WiFi password, but a few of my personal favorites are these nice little framed printouts or even a custom needlepoint in an easy-to-see space in your home, or on your guest's bedside table.

5. Make Toiletries Easy to Access

Nothing is more uncomfortable for a guest than having to ask where the toilet paper is. So finding a cute way to store and display towels, washrags, soap, lotions, and even toilet paper, can save your guests from awkwardly snooping through your cabinets for them. Or even an open-bottom cabinet can afford you a more visible place to store your bathroom essentials.

What do you do to make your guests feel more comfortable? Let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail! Also, if there are any questions you'd like us to answer in our blog, please contact us so that we can help you make your design dreams come true.

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