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6 Wedding Trends to Fall For

With a new season comes new trends. It's the circle of life. And while not all trends are good -- we can all agree that the fried hair of the '80s is one that should never come back -- most can help us in finding or defining our own unique style. So while it's still August, we wanted to share six fall trends that we not only love, but that we hope will be here for a long while so that you have an opportunity to incorporate them into your autumn wedding.

1. Geode Cakes

We all know that cakes are such a big statement at a wedding. Well, get ready for the biggest statement yet! These cakes can be made as unique as any other decoration. Natural geodes are some of the most diverse physical phenomena, so there is truly no limit to what your design can look like.

2. Metallic Madness

Fall has such gorgeous colors, and metallics like gold, bronze, and copper are such incredible accents to those colors. We've seen sequined tablecloths, metallic calligraphy, gold embossed napkins, glittering bridesmaid dresses, and even gold cakes. While too much could make your wedding seem cold or even gaudy, we love these little touches, especially this boutonniere wrapped in copper wire!

3. Instagram-Worthy Photos

In an age where everyone is searching for the perfect Instagram photo, and with the growing trend of wedding hashtags, it's not unreasonable to hunt for a unique photo op. Raining on your wedding day? Take advantage of it! Taking a trolley like our friends the Vines? Fill it with balloons for a fun photo. You are only limited by your imagination. Especially with the advent of photo-shop. Some people have even photo-shopped crazy backgrounds into their wedding pictures. While we prefer a more realistic photo shoot, remember that it is your wedding.

4. "Unplugged" Ceremonies

As much as we all love those pictures of the groom's face as he sees his bride for the first time or pictures of the adorable flower girl, many brides and grooms have noticed that the over-abundance of cell phone cameras has started to ruin the magic of the moment. So while they want as many candid pictures of the reception as possible, many couples are asking their guests to leave cell phones off at the ceremony. The trend gained speed after a wedding photographer Thomas Stewart, posted a rant on his Facebook about how a groom at one of his weddings had to lean around cell phone photographers to see his bride coming down the aisle. So if you're wanting cell-free photos, you may want to consider "unplugging" your guests.

5. Naked Cakes

No, nothing lewd here. Naked cakes are simply cakes with barely any icing. While some prefer the fondant-covered cakes we've all grown accustomed to seeing, there is something truly beautiful about this simplistic design. Don't worry, you can still mix up the flavors of the layers if you want. And if you want to brighten the cake with color, flowers and berries seem to be popular options - and for good reason!

6. Jewel Tones

This fall classic is here to stay. Emerald, ruby, sapphire, you name it. Any of these rich tones is perfect for an autumn wedding. Again, the changing leaves and cooler weather lends itself perfectly to deep, vibrant color.

Fall is seriously my favorite season. The colors, the cooler weather, the incredible fashion. I hope that these ideas have triggered As always, please share how you've incorporated

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